Four risks when renting a car - car insurance articles

There are some risks associated with renting cars when a typical Personal Auto policy does not cover:

  • If you run a red light and injure others or damage their vehicle while driving a rental car you are at fault and responsible. Means you have direct liability for injuries or property damage that you cause while operating a rental car.
  • You are liable for damage to the rental car that you cause by your negligent driving. If you run a red light and damage a rental car , for example, you are responsible for the repair costs.
  • You are responsible for the damage to the rental car that you did not cause but for which you agreed to be responsible when you signed the rental contract. So if someone else hit you , or vandalize the car or steal it - you owe.
  • You are liable for the loss of revenues the car rental agency suffers as a result of the car being unavailable to rent while being repaired regardless of whether you actually caused the damage. You signed the contract!

So, Get car insurance and do not take chances.

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