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Insurance is so important part of the life. Letís look at the statistic and mind the quantity of the motor crashes. The auto crash takes place each 5 seconds on the roads of any complication. Thus failures take place each 100 miles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) 2004 Early Edition Report amount of machines, engaged in the auto of failure in 2003 years hesitates from 6.2 million to 6.3, although, amount of people, damaged in crashes from the indicated year became considerably lower.

A large merit in the rescue of human lives belongs to the law on to the usage of belt of safety. In many states after not using the belt punishment of driver of transport vehicle follows as a fine. Also, special attention spares to the sober driving. Most widespread reasons of destruction of people on roads are exactly not the use of belts and drunk driving. Both problems are effectively removed by law.

Principal reasons of origin of crashes are removed in spite of the fact that, they take place however. On statistics by NHTSA the basic amount of failures takes place at night in weekends, and only a few percents of all crashes take place from insobriety of driver. Also, on supervisions of NHTSA there are most of fatal failures exactly in August and December. Think, this information needs to be taken into the mind at planning of trips or journeys.

Your car also influences on probability of crashes. For instance, passenger cars and easy trucks make 95 percents from the amount of failures on roads, while large trucks - 15%. These statistics were conducted among accidents, took place at sunrise-to-sunset, in good weather terms. All things considered possible accidents, you always can defend oneself and your family. Donít forget about seat belts, good condition of your car, observance the safe speed and auto insurance. Getting insurance you will purchase bring you the calmness and confidence.

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