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Arrowhead has been catering to the needs of the independent agent and broker since 1983, when its original offering was limited to nonstandard auto. Nearly 20 years later, the San Diego-based company has evolved into one of the largest privately held general insurance agencies in North America.

With numerous and exclusive product offerings in both Personal and Commercial Lines, Arrowhead has the programs, the experience and the technology to put you ahead of the competition.

Arrowhead pride themselves in working with prominent insurance and reinsurance carriers, such as Clarendon National Insurance Company, QBE Insurance Corporation, QBE Reinsurance Corporation, and Lincoln General Insurance Company. These connections give them the financial strength to continually bring you the quality that you should expect.

Arrowhead adapts to and accommodates for change and their association with these companies gives them the ability to develop outstanding, long-term insurance products that have proven to withstand difficult conditions in the marketplace.

Arrowhead invest in people, technology, and business relationships so that they can further improve their relationship with you, the independent agent/broker. Arrowhead knows that success depends on customer satisfaction with them and for that reason Arrowhead strive to provide you with the highest quality insurance products and service.

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Address: 701 B. Street Suite 2100 San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (800) 333-5553